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Rachael Hunt

I’m Head of Marketing and Business Development at Visual Print and Design. I manage our online and offline marketing activities and attends key networking events to promote our high-quality print and design solutions.

Any nicknames? 

A classic, just Rach.

What do you love about working at Visual Print and Design?

The positivity that surrounds me in the office and the fact that I’m allowed to make lots of cheesy puns within my marketing campaigns.

Who/what is your biggest inspiration?

My family, friends and the queen herself, RuPaul.

Tea or Coffee?

I drink tea by the bucket, but it’s got to be good quali-tea (sorry!)

Name a fact that no one knows about you

Well, then it wouldn’t be a fact that no one knows…

Probably that I’m a big Harry Potter geek and have attended conventions and queued for a whole day to get tickets for the final film premiere in Trafalgar Square.

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