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The Importance of Print Media in Marketing

In an effort to stay ahead in business, companies are always searching for the next big marketing campaign to really get their word out there. While everyone strives to be creative, it always pays to master the fundamentals – print media and business go together like ink and paper, though some businesses are unfortunately quick in disregarding it.


It may seem like a sensible choice to make in this digital age, but print media still has a firm place in your business this century – all you need are some exquisitely-designed and printed flyers from Visual Print & Design and you can make an impact on new and returning customers.

First of all it’s important to remember that, even though the Internet is now widespread throughout the country, there’s still a huge effect to handing your customers a tangible product. There’s an impression that can be made with a single business card or leaflet that can be missed with a digital equivalent – simply the feel of the ink and paper can leave a memory with your customer. An email can be immediately deleted, or an online pop-up blocked before it’s had a chance to be seen, but a physical poster is always in view. To draw even more attention to your printed goods why not throw some creative design to spice things up: something like foiling or die cutting to really stand out. It might be a little more costly, but it’s worth it if you can make a connection with the customer, whether it’s curiosity or excitement.

Print media can also give you a direct hotline to your marketing, being able to target them very effectively. Towns and cities provide hundreds of opportunities for print advertising, with the added bonus of being able to break them down by demograph. For example, target your poster campaign around university campuses to attract a young adult market to your business, or hand out flyers around more upmarket areas to target a more wealthy clientele. This way you can also tailor your marketing for each market individually, adding a personal touch to your business that can be so rare nowadays. It pays to do some research and then following it up with a campaign that can only be managed with print products.

Finally, consider how print work adds to your company’s professionalism – products like business cards and letterheads have to make a first impression, so it’s crucial it’s a good one. It may not be talking about the widespread marketing mentioned previously, but there’s still a personal connection that can be made, especially with presentation pieces like stationery packs. The pieces that you give to another personal or company need to represent you and what your business is all about. This also works in reverse, too; if your print work has been made to cut corners then those thoughts are going to extend to you and your business. Remember to consider your printed products as an extension of your business – you need to send the right message.

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