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Why you should rock promo items

They draw attention - We have all attended exhibitions and witnessed the attention the tables with the great giveaway items get. Well you too can have a bit of that action. People love FREE, and if it’s interesting and free, even better! The array of promotional items available is extensive. It’s no longer limited to pens and lanyards. The options are there for you to choose something really specific to your business.

People take them away - A pen, notepad or stress ball are examples of items people will take away with them and keep on their desks. Every time they use it they are reminded of your company. Having your logo and contact details is key to making you memorable, and of course branding the items to your company colours works wonders for your professional image.

They stick around - Marketing campaigns like TV/radio ads, may only run for a few months. A leaflet may only be around for a few weeks, but that is where promotional items are unique. Done in the correct way they can run for a lengthier amount of time. The more useful the better! Make your promotional item be something that isn’t just thrown in a drawer, but something that becomes part of the users every day life. A pen, sure that’s simple enough but what about a key-chain bottle opener? A hand sanitiser?

It gets people talking - Promotional items break the ice! People are intrigued to ask the question ‘what’s this?’ and it’s a great conversation starter from which you can engage with potential clients. They are more likely to listen to you as you have given something to them.

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