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Business Card Printing
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Why should I have a business card?

Business cards have a timeless nature that will always surpass the ease to access information on the internet. One main importance of a business card comes down to the physical transaction of exchanging your card. It shows a respect to business tradition and is essential at networking events. The lack of a business card during a networking event will make you seem unprofessional and ultimately lead to potential clients forgetting about you when the event is over.

A business card is the most personal and effective marketing tool for those who are seeking professionalism and a strong brand identity. Your business card should include your name, job title, company name/logo and basic contact information.

By not having a business card you run the risk of losing out on business, even if you conduct your business solely online. It is a grave mistake to underestimate the importance of face-to-face communication in business. Handing out business cards has never merely been a repetitive method of exchanging basic information but represents a unique opportunity to leave a memorable impression with a potential client.

The rise of the internet has sparked doubts about if the business card is still relevant today, but it is for this exact reason why now more than ever that physical interactions are valuable. Due to the widespread use of smartphones for taking notes, your business card becomes extremely versatile as extra information can be recorded on technology instead of the extra space provided on your card - meaning the full area of your card can be utilised.

To understand why you need a business card for the future, you could look to it's history and set yourself apart from your competition. An early form of the business card was known as a 'visiting' card. It was a means of making a strong impression in the 19th century among prosperous traders and high society. These cards often included comical and bold images. Bringing the business card concept back into the 21st Century, to really make your card stand out you could include innovating elements like 3D images or a QR code. Doing this means you are taking advantage of both the digital and traditional benefits of using a business card. In order to best grasp the opportunities you are presented with day-to-day, it is always a good start to carry your business cards - whether it be in your pocket, wallet, bag or in the car.

If you are ready to start designing your business card, check out our ‘Complete Guide To Business Cards’ for some inspiration.

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