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Our print process

We understand that a lot of people like to know how a company operates before they place and order with them. Maybe you are an existing client who would like further insight into how we work. This guide should give you an understanding of the Visual Print & Design Print Process.

Initial Enquiry

You have an idea for your next print and design project. You have a budget to work to and you have a vision that you want to put in print. This is where you would contact us with an enquiry that you need a quote for.

We take as much detail as we can and let you know that we will be back in touch as soon as possible with a quote.

Print enquiry

Estimate Sent

We send you a quote letter via email that explains your enquiry in detail and gives you a clear price.

Amends to the quote can be made at this stage is you wish to increase/decrease quantity, change the stock or other elements.

Print estimate and pricing

Thumbs Up!

After you have received your estimate and are happy with the details and price, you can give us the thumbs up to proceed. At this stage, if you have your own artwork, you would send it over to us to print. If not you would go to the next step...

Thumbs up

Design Stage

If you are needing us to design your artwork, this is where you liaise with our design team. You will send across any copy, high resolution images and logos that you have, along with a brief or description of how you want the design to appear.

Print designProof To Client

If you have supplied us with your own artwork, our pre-flight team will set it up as a 'print ready proof' and send it back to you via e-mail.

If we are designing your artwork, our designer will e-mail you over an initial design proof.

Print ProofAmendment Window

After you have received the proofs, this is your opportunity to rectify any mistakes or make any changes. Once the job has been approved to print, no changes can be made so this step is very important!

proof print amends

Approved To Print

Once you let us know that your artwork has been approved to print we pass it through to our production team.

Approved to print

Production Team Set Up Print

Our production team set up the artwork on the pre-flight system and get the job imposed ready to go through the press. Your job then gets printed!

Depending on the quantity and type of print, the timescale can vary. Colours and quality is monitored throughout to make sure everything is tip top.

Printing press

Trimmed and finished

After the job has been printed, it then goes through trimming and finishing. This is where any special finished like laminate or foiling is applied, then the job is trimmed down to the correct size.

Print finishing

Print Delivered To Client

Everything is then packed up and delivered to you! If you are a local client you may get the joy of meeting one of our team when you received your delivery. If you live a bit further afield however, we use a reliable courier service that delivers your parcel the next working day.

Print delivery

That concludes the journey of your print! We communicate with you throughout the process and you can contact us at any time if you have any queries and we will do our up most to help.

If you are designing your own artwork, why not check out our blog all about how to set artwork up for print. It contains step by step instructions as well as tips to ensure you get the best print quality.

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