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Top tips for letterhead design

Like your business card, your letterheads are an extension of your business. They act as your representation when you cannot be there to represent yourself. They integrate all of the information that your customers might like to know about your business, such as your logo, company name and contact details.

A strong letterhead design will link all of your business stationary together. Not only does it ooze professionalism, but it gives you a strong corporate identity and lets the customer know you care about your reputation. It’s a subtle way to let the marketing speak for its self and makes your logo and brand recognisable; you want people to get familiar and know what you offer when they see your logo - using it on letterheads is key.

The design of your letterheads doesn’t have to be intricate, but it must contain enough elements to be memorable. Having your branding on something like a letter or invoice demands more attention than something on plain paper. It’s a clever bit if of psychology working in the background, as your headed paper carries more authority and purpose which will make the receiver think it is important enough to read.

But what do you include on a letterhead? The space available for information is normally the same size as the space allocated for a header and footer. It’s not a great deal to work with, but including just enough information accompanied by a killer design will make your letterhead jump off the page!

When putting together your letterhead, consider the hierarchy of the content you include. You ideally want the most important information in prime position (logo, company name, address). Less important info can be scaled down and placed towards the bottom of the letterhead.

As we always say, keep it simple! The overall design should be apparent, but not overpowering. You don’t want to detract away from the actual message and content of your letter. The whole point of a letterhead is for you to have an identity when sending out business correspondence, make sure you have enough space to do that!

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