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Are leaflets an effective marketing tool?

As with most things today, there is a technical substitute that has overtaken tradition, sped up processes and created digital counterparts for everyday marketing tools. Technology is fantastic for reaching new audiences and I am positive most businesses have benefited from its uses, but there will always be that one marketing tool that has worked for years and isn’t going anywhere soon; leaflets.

You may think that everything people need to know about you can be found on your website or social media pages, but there is a tremendous list of reasons why leaflets are still an effective marketing tool - let’s start with the basics.

Unlike digital forms of communication, leaflets are direct. They can be sent to a specific person at their home, in a specific area that you are keen to target.

Leaflets are completely custom. They don’t have to create your design to strict proportions that normally occur with online or newspaper adverts, meaning you can tailor it to your business and create something fresh and exciting that people would want to pick up when it is dropped through their letterbox.

A clear benefit of leaflets is the fact that you are not competing with several businesses for the reader’s attention like you would be with a magazine ad. You are providing something that a prospective client is going to have a physical interaction with. Think how much more engaging it would be to open a folded leaflet that is printed on a tactile paper than opening a digital email campaign on the computer.

Leaflets give you the opportunity to say more in different places. For example, how about placing a leaflet inside an order that you are sending out, offering money off a customers next order or introducing them to a new product you are about to launch.

Bear in mind that every type of marketing works differently. What works well for one business may not work as great for someone else. As a Lincoln based print company, we can say that leaflets are still an extremely popular form of marketing. We see them sent out to a range of demographics from students to council tenants, small businesses to international companies. This firmly shows the ease of targeting the audience you want to get your message across to.

If you are considering creating a leaflet for your next marketing campaign, why not give our blog ‘A quick guide to leaflet design’ a read. It offers handy tips on what to include when designing a leaflet.

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