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Last minute creative steps to promote your event

You have spent a great deal of time and money creating an event, advertising it on social media and in the press and you are now counting down the days until the event arrives. There are a few last minute creative steps using print and design that you can take to increase awareness of your event and target those people who you really want to attend.

Invites – Everyone loves receiving an invitation. It makes us feel valued and thought of. Personalised invitations are even better; including the person’s name will make them feel extra special. When sending out the invites it is best to focus on those 20 contacts that you want to attend the event and target them with personalised invites. Ideally, you want these 20 contacts to ‘influence’ the event. They could be bloggers, journalists, clients, suppliers or buyers, but ideally people that will talk about your event and recommend you as a service. Printing personalised invites with handwritten envelopes is a sure way to make the receiver feel distinct.

Postcards – Sending out postcards can be used in a similar way to the invites, but sent to a wider range of contacts. The front image could include your business, services or event and the reverse could include the event information and your contact details. Using a digital printer like ourselves means each postcard can be printed personally to different names and addresses in a matter of minutes.

Email – Aim to send e-mails out to the remainder of your contacts to remind them about your event. Keeping the email short and simple with an enthusiastic subject line and including a creative graphic will increase engagement and the likelihood of the receiver actually reading your email, rather than pressing delete. From experience we have found the best day to send out emails are Wednesdays or Thursdays.

Posters – They may be a very simple way of promotion, but posters are still an effective way to get your message across when time is of the essence. When designing your poster, remember to include your logo, date and time of the event and strong, eye catching images. If the poster is going to be displayed outside, it will need laminating in order to protect it in different weather conditions. Using posters in different areas will mean you are widening your target audience and the event awareness as a whole.

The more promotion through printed media the better. Social and digital will make up a lot of your promotion strategy but don’t under estimate the power of print to reach new audiences. If you are in need of some last minute print, we can help! Don’t panic, we are here to take the stress out of your printing. Get in touch if you need more information 01522 300222, www.visualprint.co.uk.

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