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Don't stress, have a ball!

Search any office and you are bound to find one of these squishy freebies. But is there actually any proven use to stress balls? The answer is yes! Read on and you may just want to order some more!

Firstly, lets discuss the science behind why stress balls work. When we are stressed our bodies are on high alert and become tense and tight, but there is nowhere for this energy to go. Research has shown that a physical release helps by acting as an outlet for some of that energy, a physical release such as squeezing on a stress ball! This squeeze and release motion depletes tension and the rhythm also encourages relaxation.

Originating in China, stress balls where first modelled out of hollow wood or metal and encased tiny bells that chimed when moved. Fast forward to today, they are now made out of a durable, squashy foam. They are not just limited to round shapes either; as stress balls are still a firm favourite for a corporate giveaway, the demand for bespoke shapes has become increasingly popular...think cars, houses and clouds. They also offer a great print area for you to showcase your branding, and the array of different colours means you can create something tailored to your business.

Stress balls not really your thing? Not a problem, we have a huge range of stress busting toys that are a bit different. Puzzles are also a great distraction for stress. Just visit our promotional marketing website for more inspiration!

Bespoke stress toy

Shaped stress toy

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