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Carbon Capture Scheme

It is National Tree Week 26th November until 4th December, the UK’s largest tree celebration! Annually launching the start of winter tree planting season, The Tree Councils celebration of Tree Week is great to raise awareness of the importance of our trees, give communities the opportunity to do something positive for their treescape and to give advice on how we can all be more sustainable.

It’s common knowledge that businesses often generate large amounts of Carbon, which in turn contributes to higher levels of greenhouse gas emissions. But it’s our job as businesses to act responsibly to reduce our carbon emissions and support a more sustainable environment.

Print is often perceived as not been a sustainable business due to deforestation and the use of raw materials needed to create paper. Visual Print & Design is at the forefront of an industry that is taking seriously its wider environmental impact. Visual Print & Design have been working in tandem in full consideration of these issues.

One of our paper suppliers, Premier Paper, has a partnership with the Woodlands Trust and have created the Carbon Capture Scheme. The scheme gives Premier Paper customers the chance to capture equivalent amounts of CO2 that are released at production, storage and distribution of the paper they sell. The Woodland Trust then plant trees to soak up the CO2 that is damaging the environment.

As customers participating in this scheme, we pay £8.50 per tonne of paper and this is then passed onto the Woodland Trust to fund the planting of trees.

From January to September 2016, we have created 12.04m2 of new native woodland in the UK to remove 422.6kg of CO2.

Although we may be a small contributor to the scheme, it all goes a long way. So far, 145,000m2 of trees have been planted by the Woodland Trust through the Carbon Capture scheme.

Carbon Capture Certificate

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