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First things first…TEA! I love a morning cuppa to help me gear up for the day ahead. Once at my desk I will run through my emails, check my diary and sign into our social media accounts. I will then start to plan the day’s to-do list and prioritise my workload. I often spend the majority of my mornings working on the latest campaign we are running. This can include analysing data, designing email campaigns and creating content.

I have a marketing meeting with the team to discuss projects and ideas. Once we have decided on an interesting campaign for the next week/month, I am then let loose on planning and implementing all our innovative ideas.

Working on our latest campaign or projects involves me liaising with a wide range of people. I discuss briefs with the design studio, set deadlines with my MD, work with external suppliers and have front line contact with clients.

An important part of my role is working on stats and insights, following our latest campaign. I compare analytics from previous months, discuss with our Operations Manager where new sales have generated from and what we can do to push future sales. This gives me a great insight to what is working and what needs to be improved.

A favourite part of my role is creating content. I love talking all things print and like to think I am helping someone learn something valuable when they read one of our blog posts.

It’s safe to say that my role as Marketing Manager is a juggling act. I am always learning new things, putting my creative skills to use and working on new and exciting marketing projects. Overall two days are never the same, but I love it!

If I was to give advice to someone thinking of working in a marketing role, it would be to plan! Months fly by so fast that good ideas and intentions can get lost. Make sure you have a clear schedule and stick to it. Also, don’t be scared to experiment and do things a bit differently, you’ll be surprised with the results!

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