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Setting up artwork for Spot UV finish

If you’ve decided to have your design feature a special finish such as spot UV or foil, you will need to submit a couple of different file types. The first file type is the artwork submitted as standard. The second file would feature your artwork with the special finishing areas imposed over the top. The final file that is required highlights just the finishing areas without being imposed onto the artwork. To be on the safe side, it’s best practice to submit this set up as a fifth colour to prevent it being printed in case the wrong file ends up going on press.

Top tips for using Spot UV

  • 1.Spot UV doesn’t work well with fine details, such as small type or lines. You’ll get the best result if you don’t try and match the Spot UV to printed objects and use it more as a design feature.
  • 2.Be cautious when adding Spot UV to a logo as there is sometimes movement which will mean the two elements do not line up. Using Spot UV as a separate pattern or design object will make your design look professional.
  • 3.Remember not to flood the UV beyond the bleed area, as when the artwork is trimmed it runs the risk of flaking or chipping.

So why not take your design to the next level by adding a dash of spot UV? If you need some samples of cards using Spot UV to get those ideas flowing, then just let us know and we will send you some across. Alternatively, we would love so speak with you direct to advise how to get the most out of special finishes. You can also download Our Artwork Guidelines to help you when submitting artwork to print. They cover the best practices for submitting artwork.

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