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Off Centre Z Fold
Off Centre Z Fold
Double gate fold
Portrait z fold

Using folds to emphasise your design

Incorporating a clever (yet simple) fold as part of your design can help to leave a lasting impression with the reader. They may even be impressed enough to show it to a colleague or friend – expanding on your target audience with minimal effort!

Folds don’t have to be complicated. You can use some of the well-known folds mixed with a little bit of design creativity to produce a show stopper.

Off Centre Z Fold - This fold is great if you want to create a hidden message or meaning to your leaflet. Laid flat the header reads one thing, but when opened out it reads another. The size of this leaflet can be completely custom, you're not limited to standard A3 or A4 proportions.

Portrait Z Fold - Another take on the common Z Fold. This leaflet has been designed to open upwards, as if the flower is growing. Usually, a Z Fold leaflet would be opened landscape and read from left to right. But sometimes, its fun to break the rules and create a design that will get people talking!

Double Gate Fold - This particular fold packs a punch for sure! For maximum impact, we used this cracker design to demonstrate how a bit of creative flair can lead to a eye catching piece of marketing material.

Map Fold - Forget the huge travel maps your grandparents probably still use! This map is compact, and folds down to business card size so it can easily stored in your wallet or pocket. It has two covers that are matt laminated for extra support and protection.

These four folds are just a taster of designs you could create, the possibilities are endless! Remember these four points when you start out designing your next leaflet...

1. Step outside the box - use different page sizes and don't be traditional

2. Experiment with off centre - moving a fold off centre can really change up the whole design! This works with half folds to create a shorter edge.

3. Print on both sides - although the impact of your fold will be seen on the front of the leaflet, don't neglect the back. There's nothing worse than getting drawn in with an exciting design printed to the front, then turning it over to be greeted with a blank page. It's our pet hate, and is such an anti climax!

4. Merge the design and fold - make sure your design flows with the fold. You still want the information to be clear and readable.

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