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Print marketing ideas for small businesses

If you’re a small business owner, you’ll know that quality marketing material is essential for growing your brand. Even if you invest primarily in digital communications, print is the perfect partner to these communications to drive traffic to your website or social media pages. It also helps to engage with those who don’t spend much time online.

You don’t need a big marketing budget to take advantage of the following 5 print marketing ideas to grow your business.

Posters and banners

Large format items grab attention and give you the chance to shout about a special offer or event. Full colour posters are a cost-effective way to highlight a time sensitive offer. Roller banners are versatile and can be used at events as they are light to carry and easy to assemble.

Postcards and direct mail

Sending print direct to your client base is still an effective way to make sure they notice your message. Why not take this to the next level by personalising the print with the customer’s name or include an offer, coupon or deal to entice them to engage with you.

This kind of print campaign is great for first time customers or to upsell and make existing customers feel special.

Brochures and folders

Using brochures and folders to showcase your brands products and services is a fantastic way to get people engaged. They are more likely to interact with a physical product more than information they are reading on a screen. Brochures and folders allow you to strategically order what you want to highlight, as you can lead the reader from one page to the next. Throw in an eye-catching design and some professional images and you’re off to a winner!

Promotional items

There are hundreds of cost effective promo items to choose from to aid your marketing campaign. Most of which can be themed to a specific industry. Promotional giveaways are a useful way to add value to existing or prospect customers, and will help them remember you when they use your branded item.

Business cards and loyalty cards

When you hand over a business card, that's the first impression someone will get of yourself and your business. Having a set of high quality business cards is important, you don’t want your name to end up in the bin!

There are networking opportunities everywhere, so don’t be caught short by not having a card. To save on costs, you could also double up your cards to feature a loyalty or appointment card to the reverse.

Top tips

Go for quality - First impressions count! Make sure your campaign is printed on high quality stock and is finished to the best standards.

Pay for design - Design matters. If you want to appear professional and competitive, design will help to get that message across.

Ask for samples - If you're new to print, ask for a meeting with your printer so you can see samples and discuss your ideas.

Be creative - Don't conform to the tried and tested print formats. Be different and set your business apart.

There are many ways to maximise your marketing budget and still invest in printed marketing to grow your business. We have helped a variety of business, large or small, to create print campaigns that work alongside their digital marketing efforts.

Drop us a line to see how we could help you with your next project, enquiries@visualprint.co.uk.

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