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Work Experience

I arrived on Monday, excited for the week ahead. First, I was shown around the office and introduced to the team. Everyone was friendly and very welcoming.

My first task involved shadowing Sophie, the Marketing Manager, overseeing how content and images were created for Social Media. I was then given my first task. I had to create 5 different graphics to be used on Twitter for an upcoming blog 'Christmas Themed Print Ideas'. I made the different graphics using 'Canva'. I was then shown how content is scheduled for the week, and learnt that its not just one person sat on Social Media 24/7! During the afternoon, I was then taught how to edit website content and add text, images and blog posts.

Christmas Graphic

On day 2, I learnt about the importance of competitor and market research in order to keep up with trends and one step ahead of the competition. I spent some time researching different companies on Social Media pages to find out what marketing techniques they used, what worked for them and what didn't. I noticed that having a video as a Facebook cover was an interesting way to advertise. I then created a cover video for Visual Print and Design. I really enjoyed making the online advertisement and learning the importance on market research to help me.

work experience

After creating the video of Visual Print and Design, I created another for my step mums nursery, which is now been used on their Facebook page!

On my final day, I spent some time with Scott, who is the Graphic Designer for Visual Print and Design. Scott helped me create a professionally designed CV which included all the knowledge I had learnt during my time with Visual Print and Design. Scott's advice was very useful, he helped me understand new software and concepts, to help me with my work in the future.

work experience

Overall, I loved my week at Visual Print and Design. The team were professional, but relaxed and friendly. It seems like a great place to work. I am excited to put all of my new skills and knowledge into practice when I start my new job in January.

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