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Christmas Marketing Ideas

Whether you use Twitter for business, send out e-mail campaigns or advertise through Facebook, there are plenty of festive marketing ideas you can use during the run up to Christmas. We’ve put together a range of Christmas Marketing ideas to add a bit of sparkle to your marketing plan. There’s still time to use some of these ideas in time for December, as long as you plan!

Social Media Graphics

Have a bit of fun with your social media graphics and theme them with a touch of Christmas spirit. Like the example below, social media graphics can be used to educate, inform or lead people to some more content you have produced. We use social media graphics to link people to our website and blog posts. Link the graphics to other elements that are occurring in your marketing calendar, such as events or news updates.

Christmas Marketing Ideas

Give your logo a festive touch

When we say this, we don’t mean a complete rehaul of your logo. Think simple, such as adding a Santa hat to your logo or a Christmas Tree.

Christmas Logo

Helpful, holiday themed videos

If your business sells gifts, create a quick how to video on ‘how to perfectly wrap a present’. Set the scene with fairy lights and a Christmas tree in the background and have a range of different sized presents to wrap. People are more likely to watch a video if they will learn something.

24 or 12 days of Christmas e-mail campaign

Can your business run a series of offers or giveaways on the run up to Christmas? If so, this would be the perfect option. Send out an e-mail each day with a different offer or giveaway. People will be excited to see what the offer is each time, and planned correctly you should be offering something each customer would be interested in.

Christmas Offer

Christmas Jumper Day

This event is great for your team to get involved in. Organised by Save the Children, you give a donation to spend the day wearing your best Christmas Jumper. We have been involved in this day for a few years now, and the staff love it! We normally have a mini competition for the best jumper on social media. The day will provide you with a lot of visual content to share, and a blog post or press release afterwards stating how much you raised for charity. For more information on Christmas Jumper Day, click on this link www.christmasjumperday.org

christmas jumper day

Show your company in a year

You may think the year has passed so quick that nothing much has happened. But when you start to really look back over the year, you will see that a lot has changed. This is a great chance for you to create a ‘Year of ….’ company video. It will enable you to share your successes and changes, but also thank customers for helping your business to achieve those successes.

That wraps up our festive list. If you decide to get creative, make sure you share your ideas with us on social media. Stay tuned as next week we will discuss some Christmas Print ideas that you could use alongside digital campaigns to really maximise your marketing message.

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