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How to increase footfall with shop window displays

What makes us as consumers notice a certain shop on a busy, crowded high street? Sometimes it’s because we’re already heading to the store we need, but other times it’s because the store has used an array of decorations and displays to make sure they stand out from the competition. So, how can you use print to make sure your potential customers don’t just walk by? There’s many ways you can get creative, and we’re here to help retailers attract new customers and increase the footfall of your store!

Printed options for your shop window display include:

-Self-adhesive vinyl
-Roller banners

Here’s a selection on tips and things to bear in mind when you start creating your shop window display.

Target Audience

Do some research beforehand and know who you are advertising to. Often with marketing and advertising campaigns, this step is missed and people are left wondering why their return on investment is so poor. When pinning down your target audience, consider things like:

-Buying habits

Knowing these important pieces of information will have a huge impact on your window display and will definitely enable you to take it to the next level.

Make the display readable

The aim of the display is to attract people from a distance. When choosing a font, ensure its large enough and legible from the other side of the street. Avoid clashing colours and garish patterns.

Simplicity is key

You may be running different instore promotions and want your window display to reflect that, but that doesn’t mean you have to swamp the shop front with several posters with multiple offers on them. Keep the display simple and clean. Self-adhesive vinyl’s that ‘cling’ to windows are a great option for a professional appearance. They can be removed, reused and repositioned easily. Self-adhesive vinyl’s are also cost effective – ideal for advertising flash sales and promotions.

Would you go in?

Once you have your display set up and finalised, take a step back, go out onto the street and give it another look. Ask yourself if it’s inviting? Does it advertise what you want in a simple way? Creativity is great, but your aim is to entice customers, not turn them away!

Visual Print & Design supply various shop window display items to different stores. We can advise you on the best options that will help attract those potential customers and increase footfall. Remember the size of your shop will impact the options available – but we’re here to advise and inspire you all the way!

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