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How to link print and social media marketing

Customers are unique, no two are the same! One thing our customers do have in common is that they all like to receive information in different ways. Some prefer the information in a printed format, such as a leaflet of poster, while a growing number turn to websites and social media, using search features to get the info they require.

It’s impossible to reach all of your target audience if you only market via one channel, either online or offline. A well rounded and thought out marketing campaign features both print and online efforts.

It may seem a challenge to link traditional methods with social media marketing, but there are many ways the two can work in harmony. Here’s 5 ideas to get you started:

Use your data

All social networks have an insight function that allows users to identify their most popular content via likes, shares or favourites and you can use this data to your advantage. There may be a popular image that received a lot of likes, or a blog you wrote that had a number of shares. This popular content could be used as the cover of your next printed leaflet or newspaper. It makes sense to use the high amounts of data that’s at your fingertips, and when its free – even better.

Focus groups

If you’re working on a new design for a big project, or need help choosing new stock to order, put a few options on your social channels and ‘crowdsource’ your decision. Your audience will appreciate being asked, and as a result be engaged with what you have to say.


Including reviews and comments left on your social platforms is a great way to link print with social media. You could use variable data printing and include a selection of reviews on one side of your business card.

Selfie bait

A creative way to increase engagement on your social channels and link printed marketing is to include ‘selfie bait’ with items you send out to customers. This could be a die-cut leaflet of your company mascot or a printed envelope that has a relevant hashtag unique to your campaign. You could also add an incentive for people to share their selfies, such as a competition.

Include social media links

If you’re not quite ready to jump onto a linked campaign just yet, start simple by including all social media links and handles on printed items. It’s a start to let people know you’re active online.

Looking for some more print ideas? Our blog ‘print marketing ideas for small businesses’ has lots of creative options to maximise your marketing campaigns.

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