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Promo Items for 2018

Now is the time to be planning free giveaways for the upcoming exhibitions and events in 2018. Using promotional items is a great way help define your business beyond traditional printed paper. Carefully selected promo items can help your business grow and using them is also a useful way to stay ahead of your competitors.

If you provide an event attendee with a few well thought out promotional items that have been chosen with your target market in mind, it’s more likely they will use them. This then means that your branded item will remain with the attendee and be a constant reminder of your company to them.

Even if you have a limited budget, there’s a range of affordable promotional items. Here’s some key promotional items to invest in for 2018.

Wellness items

People are becoming more health conscious. Exercise, healthy eating and mental well-being are all important factors in everyday life. Tap into this target market by using promotional items linked to these areas, such as:

Infuser bottles
Travel mugs
Microfiber towels
Sports bags

Wellness Promotional Items
Functional Items

The purpose of these items is to make our lives easier, which then leads to these items being used and appreciated. Functional items include:

Smart phone power banks
Phone cases
Tool kits
Ice scrapers

Tech Items

These items are similar to functional items, but have more of a tech focus:

Phone stands
Branded silicone wallets
Selfie mirror and LED light

Tech promo items
Work Items

Most us spend the majority of our lives at work, so an item that would brighten a working day and put a smile on someone’s face is an item that will be used! Choose items that people are likely to keep on their desks, so your branding remains visible and in their mind. Get creative with options like:

Mouse mats
Desk caddies
Sticky notes

Desk promotional items
Eco friendly & recycled items

If you’re promoting the fact you’re a sustainable business, it makes sense that your promotional items are the same. We have a range of eco-friendly and recycled promotional items:

Pens and pencils
Flowers and seeds

Eco-friendly promo items

Promo items are always changing and are no longer limited to just pens! Keep up to date and browse our range of items by visiting our promotional items website www.visualprintpromo.co.uk. Be inspired, and find your 2018 exhibition giveaway today!

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