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Are business cards still relevant in the digital world?

Digital is everything, this is true…but that still doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for common printed items in day to day interactions. We are consumed by digital, the first thing we do in a morning after turning off the alarm is to open Facebook and see what’s happened during the 8 hours we’ve been asleep.

One main importance of a business card comes down to the personal touch of handing someone a card, which is something that digital marketing just can’t compete with. If your business card also packs a punch where the design is concerned, you’re onto a winner. Business cards need to have an impact on the receiver, this is where the design and materials used comes into play.

So, why does design matter? Well it not only represents you, but also the company you work for. If you hand over a plain white card on thin paper with dog eared corners, people will think you don’t take pride in the work you do. However, a well-designed card printed on a quality stock will fill the receiver with confidence and make them more likely to be in touch again.

How to make your business card different

Weigh it up

The quality of weight of the paper used has an impact to how its perceived. A reliably, firm paper stock will leave a stronger impression and embodies your brand better in paper form.

Make it personal

Leave an area on the card that can be used to write a personal message before you give it to the receiver. It could be how you met and where. Doing this will make your card stand out, and help the receiver to remember where you met, making the experience more memorable

Size matters

Business cards don’t have to be the standard 85 x 55mm and landscape. Switch them up! Use portrait orientation, make them square or half size or you can even round the corners.

Cop a feel

Textures and finishes will add an element to your card that people can interact with. When more than one sensory output being used by the receiver means a memory is more likely to be created. There’s loads of finishes to choose from: foil, spot UV, embossing and textured paper.

Business cards are the first most powerful marketing tool that you have at your disposal. They’re used at networking events, meetings and exhibitions to help generate leads and interest around your brand. It makes sense that you need to make a lasting impression on the receiver.

To sum it all up, yes digital is booming, but a personal connection between you and another in the form of a business card is far more valuable and memorable. If you need help creating a stand out business card get in touch. We can help with design and suggest the best finishing options to meet your budget. If you’d rather research ideas yourself, read this ‘complete guide to business cards’.

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