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10 tips to help you prepare for your next exhibition

Whether you’re exhibiting at a B2B expo, running your own event or talking at a conference, it pays to be prepared. Here are our top 10 tips for ensuring you achieve a great ROI from your next event: 

1.Research, research, research

      Events can be expensive if you’re attending the wrong ones. It is important to research into events to identify what benefits it can offer and if you’ll be able to engage with the right people. Take time to understand exactly why it might be worthwhile for you to attend and how it can help you grow your business.

      2. Outline your objectives

        There is no point running an event or having a stand at the expo if you don’t know what you’re trying to achieve. Are you looking sell your products/services, increase brand awareness, generate leads or are you simply using it for networking? Whatever your goal(s), you need to have clear objectives so you can strategically plan out marketing activities and determine how to make the event a success.

        3. Create a plan

          To ensure exhibiting at an event is a success, you need to plan ahead and consider what is required. Allow enough time to reserve your place, for the design and print of your stand and also consider what promotional items you may require.

          4. Research your competitors

            If you want your exhibition space to stand out, you need to look at how your competitors are presenting themselves. What are they doing well? What aren’t they doing well? By researching into your competitors, you may pick up some valuable tips that will help you gain a competitive edge.

            5. Pick the right space

              If you want the best location, it pays to be book early. Having the biggest booth does not mean it’s the best option. It’s a good idea to ask the organiser for the floor plan and establish the best spot for your business e.g. do you want to be near the coffee shop? Do you want a corner stand? You also need to consider the position of your competitors and any dead-end aisles.

              6. Establish your budget

                If you exhibit regularly, it’s a good idea to consider an exhibition stand that you might be able to use over and over again. When establishing your budget for your stand, you need to consider not only design and material cost but also installation and dismantling, travel arrangements and shipping charges.

                7. Choose the right exhibition stand and promotional material

                  Having a unique design for your stand is essential if you wish to stand out for all the right reasons. Your custom exhibition stand should remain original and reflect your brand, and clearly demonstrate the benefits of your products/services. You also need to consider what promotional items you want to give away as these can be a great way to promote your brand and make your company more memorable.

                  8. Develop your pre-event marketing plan

                    It’s no good exhibiting if you’re not going to tell anyone that you’re there. That’s why you need a pre-exhibition marketing plan. We recommend using a variety of online and offline marketing activities to promote your company and to let your target audience know you’ll be at the show.

                    9. Plan for the day

                      It is vital that you brief your staff before the show, so that they know what the plan is for the event. Make sure everyone is clear on what they’re doing and explain your objectives and why you are exhibiting at this particular show. Whilst you’re at the event, make sure you promote you attending via social media and interact with other exhibitors as well as attendees.

                      10. Always follow up

                        It’s important to remember that the marketing shouldn’t end after the exhibition. The sooner you follow up with your leads the better chance they’ll turn into clients. We recommend making phone calls and sending follow up emails within one week of the event.

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