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5 reasons why print marketing can help you increase sales

If you’re thinking of redirecting all of your marketing efforts to digital, then think again.

Print-based marketing is still generating a great return on investment for businesses and according to figures from RAMetrics in 2018, branding is 107% stronger in print advertising vs digital advertising and 56% of consumers perceive print marketing as the most trustworthy amongst other avenues of marketing. (Alliance Business Services).

Here are 5 key reasons why we believe print marketing can help you boost sales:

1. It can strengthen your brand equity

Printed marketing campaigns are an effective way to showcase the key values of your business, the benefits of your products/services and how you differ from your competitors. Brand marketing is not just simply making sure your brand is seen on a regular basis – it’s about becoming recognised and seen as meaningful to your customers, and print marketing is a really effective way to do just that.

2. It can build relationships with existing and potential customers

At the end of the day, people buy from people and managing and building quality relationships with your customer is critical for business success. That’s because prospects are more likely to buy from companies they know and trust. With printed marketing communications, it is possible to provide prospects with information that will educate them, build trust and ultimately, motivate them to buy.

3. It can drive traffic to your website

In this modern, digital world, having a good quality website is an essential part of any good marketing communications strategy but generating quality traffic is a battle many marketers face. That’s why an integrated approach to marketing makes it possible to leverage more than one marketing channel, helping you maximise awareness and generate traffic from people who are more likely to buy from you.

4. It can make your message last

Marketing can be expensive if you’re not spending it in the right areas. You want it to last and have longevity and it is more likely that your prospects will hold on to something printed even if they are not looking to buy right away. A marketing email or a Facebook ad can quickly get deleted or forgotten about, but people are more likely to keep something physical.

5. It can generate measurable results

Having a marketing campaign that generates a good return on investment requires a lot of testing and measuring. If done properly, direct mail can be highly measurable so you can quickly establish what is working and what isn’t. With printed direct mail campaigns, it is possible to measure key metrics such as response rates in different locations, which type of offers/discounts work best, copy test headlines and even track phone calls and website visitors if you’re using a unique phone number and landing page.

Print can open up countless opportunities for your brand and we would be delighted to advice you on how you can make the most your marketing budget, and how print can work in conjunction with digital marketing activities. We have decades of experience under our belt so please get in touch!

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