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5 Reasons Why...you should use Roller Banners at events

Roller banners are an essential resource for exhibitions, trade shows and events. To ensure your banner stands out and has an impact, the design and information you include is really important. A banner should be treated the same way as a leaflet or a business card; it’s promoting your brand and services.

So, what are the benefits of using a roller banner at events? Here are our 5 reasons why…

1) Easily stored
Once roller banners are taken down and put back in the carry case, they take up no room at all. The graphic itself retracts into the base and the telescopic pole used to hold the banner up folds away and tucks into the stand.

2) Easy to put up
Roller banners are super easy to assemble, and it only takes one person. They work by the graphic been pulled up from a retractable base. A pole is then slotted into the bottom of the base and onto the top of the graphic into a small metal hole. Pop the feet out on the base and hey presto! A sturdy, non-swaying stand.

3) Durable
Roller banners are printed on an anti-curl vinyl that’s strong and designed to last the continual up and downs. The frame and base are aluminium which means light transportation but strength when needed when the banner is on display.

4) Lifespan
Unlike an advert or a leaflet, a roller banner doesn’t have a shelf like and can be used time after time. This means added value for money too! It’s wise to invest in a generic design for your stand that promotes your brand, website and contact details. Then you can use it as long as you need to.

5) Transportable
These banners are light and easy to transport, meaning you can take your branding where ever the road takes you.

Interested to know what makes a good roller banner design? Read our blog ‘Good vs Bad roller banner design’ and avoid some simple mistakes.

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