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Using stickers as a marketing tool

When you think stickers, you don’t necessarily think brand marketing. Stickers may bring back memories childhood…maybe of school as a rewarded for acing your spelling test, or facing the dreaded dentist chair, which resulted in a large shiny sticker placed pride of place on your chest. However, stickers have been used to establish brands, advertise events and promote products for over 60 years – they are here to stick! (sorry…)

For many companies, standing out and advertising in unique ways are both common marketing goals. Using stickers is a creative yet cost effective way to generate a buzz around your brand, whilst adding value with your marketing efforts.

We want to open your eyes to the possibilities of using stickers as a marketing tool to promote your brand. Here’s 5 different ways it could be done:

Window decals – Using stickers as window decals is a versatile way to generate interest. There are a number of ways you could use them internally, such as shop window displays or office interior partitions. You could also use decals as a small giveaway at events, that people can then take away and use as they want, increasing your brand reach and awareness with minimal cost and effort.

Window decal

Envelope seals – Make your mail more interesting by sealing it with a branded sticker. It doesn’t have to be complex, a round sticker with your logo would work well. Simple yet effective, as it is discreetly promoting your brand in a professional way.

Envelope seal

Address labels – When you send out packages or letters, use address label stickers to keep brand consistent. Include your company information and call to actions too. You will soon build up a recognisable brand image with your clients.

Seasonal trends – This one links back to the address labels. Work with your marketing calendar and plan times of the year when you can have a short fun of seasonal labels printed, such as Christmas or Halloween. This will delight your customers and shows your companies fun personality! Include social media call to actions and hashtags to create a buzz online.

Address labels

Add value to existing products – Place stickers on product packaging to give the user quick snippets of information or key facts. For example, has this product been nominated or won an award? If so, shout about it on the sticker! People won’t know unless you tell them. Keywords and statistics also work well when placing stickers onto products.

Award sticker

When creating a sticker campaign strategy, it’s important to consider some of the following points. Campaigns take a bit of planning, but it’s essential as it helps to get your marketing message right!

Who is the audience you are trying to connect with? Is it existing clients, potentials or both?

What are their tastes? Get to know your demographics. Make sure it’s something that will appeal to them and that they are likely to engage with.

What is the message/identity or story behind your sticker campaign? Fun, simple, engaging or creative, there should be identity behind your campaign that always links back to your brand.

Where will the sticker be displayed? It could be displayed on existing products, envelopes or public places. (check this is ok before you stick away though!!)

How long will the campaign last? If you are jumping on a seasonal trend, make sure the campaign ends when the season does. You don’t want to be sending out Christmas stickers mid-January!

Remember that stickers can come in all different shapes and sizes, and can be completely customisable. So, get experimenting and see how you can use stickers in your marketing plan.

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