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Everything we do as a business contributes to our CO2 emissions.

That’s why, as well as being part of the Carbon Capture Programme, we have made a pledge to offset our carbon emissions where we can by planting trees in Lincolnshire and Scotland to reduce our impact on the environment.

Offsetting our carbon emissions

What is Carbon Offsetting?

Each of us contributes to climate change through our daily activities. This could be when we drive, go to work, binge watch Netflix or even go shopping. Almost everything we do will impact our carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

Carbon Offsetting offers us a way to cancel or reduce our carbon footprint as a business by supporting sustainable projects such as tree planting.

Each year we calculate our carbon footprint and plant trees in designated woodlands in Lincolnshire and Scotland to offset our carbon emissions and this is achievable thanks to the efforts of EFORESTS, who help create and restore woodlands across the UK.


They are a not-for-profit organisation established in 2006 to help combat climate change and help create and restore woodlands throughout the United Kingdom. It is entirely by volunteers and all profits made are put towards funding new tree planting projects around the country.

EFORESTS work with existing, publicly accessible woodlands and dozens of community woodlands, nature reserves, urban farms and wildlife trusts to help preserve and enhance woodlands and woodland corridors to benefit wildlife and our future generations.

Going green is more important now than ever, and the faster we can reduce our carbon footprint, the quicker our planet can heal.

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