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Photo of Sarah Lawrence

Sarah Lawrence

Job Role?

I’m the Creative Graphic Designer at Visual Print and Design and I love applying my creativity to client projects as well as our own.

Any nicknames?

The family have some, but they are not for sharing!

What do you love about working at Visual Print and Design?

The team really are amazing. Everyone pulls together and there's such a VPD family feel. The work is so different every day and I enjoy applying my skills to each varying project.

Who/what is your biggest inspiration?

I have two.

Davina McCall - she helped turn my health and fitness around when I was 25 and I admire how she turned her life around and remains such a positive person. I have all her workout DVDs and I actually meet her - they say never meet your idols, but she did not disappoint!

My other inspiration is my family - much like the Walton's (we are the Walter's), we must speak every day. We’ve all had to overcome life challenges, but it never stops us from reaching our goals.

Tea or Coffee?

Tea but I've only just liked it in the last 2 years (slowly weaning myself off the sugar!). Coffee smells amazing but tastes awful.

Name a fact that no one knows about you

I used to swim for Essex county until I was 13.

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