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Promotional merchandise ideas for small businesses

Promotional merchandise can be a valuable strategy for small businesses for several reasons. It can increase brand visibility, customer loyalty, and long-term advertising and differentiate your brand from competitors.

Below are some of our most popular, cost-effective promotional items for small businesses:

Tote bags

    A smart and flexible option for increasing brand exposure. They are handy for shopping and everyday essentials, making them ideal for boosting brand visibility on a budget and in an environmentally friendly way. Browse our tote bags here.


    Travel mugs

      As people become more environmentally conscious, reusable items like travel mugs are becoming increasingly popular. Travel mugs are often used on the go, around the office, on public transport, or at social events. Your brand will be on constant display to a broad audience. To explore our travel mug range, click here.



      They can be given out at meetings, events, or as part of a targeted direct mail campaign. With a range of choices available, you can select options that align with your budget and brand values. Click here to find our notebooks.



        One of our best-sellers for any business size or industry. Branded pens work so well because they always grow legs and mysteriously go missing; in other words, someone always pinches them. This is an unintentional yet great promotion for the brand imprinted on them. Promotional pens are also easy to tailor to your brand as they come in various styles, colours, and eco-friendly materials.


        Promotional sweets

          Creating a novelty factor will give your brand personality and help satisfy any sweet tooth. Promotional sweets are a great additional gift for any printed marketing campaign, with plenty of choices. To find all our confectionary items, click here.


          Stress relievers

            They are an excellent promotional merchandise option for small businesses as they are practical, affordable, and easily customisable. They are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours, allowing your business to choose options that best represent your brand and appeal to your target audience. To find our different stress relievers, click here.


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