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What is FSC® and why it is important?

You may have seen the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) logo on packaging, paper or products you buy, but do you what it means?

The FSC logo can be found on millions of products around the world, from milk bottles, and toilet rolls to greeting cards and books.

It can provide reassurance that the products you are buying are made with materials that support responsible forestry.

Let us explain further.

What is the Forest Stewardship Council®?

The Forest Stewardship Council was established in 1993, with approximately 213 million hectares of forests worldwide - 40% of that being UK forests. The FSC Chain-of-Custody certification traces the path of products from forests through the supply chain, verifying that FSC-certified materials are identified or kept separated from non-certified materials throughout the chain.

Most importantly the FSC offers transparency with every process and decision.

Why is FSC important?

The FSC provides one of the highest standards of protection for endangered species and maintains forests – this ensures our impact on the planet is kept to a minimum.

Being FSC certified demonstrates that a business complies with the highest social and environmental standards on the market. With growing concerns for the environment, this is the biggest reason for a business to have FSC certification for their products.

Why should businesses print using FSC certified materials?

FSC is an independent member-led group with worldwide recognition and is regarded as the only legitimate forest certification in the world. They are also the only forest certification system supported by credible environmental and social groups including the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Canada Parks, Greenpeace and Wilderness society.

The general public’s concern about the environment is growing rapidly. This means that organisations are preferring and concentrating their efforts on providing responsibly sourced and sustainable products where possible.

Organisations that are not thinking green will get left behind as demand for eco-friendly alternatives increases.

Did you know that Visual Print and Design are part of the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council®) Chain of Custody Group Scheme (FSC-C004309)?

Being part of this scheme means that we can process FSC certified projects produced internally as well as in partnership with our suppliers who are also certified. We love being able to offer sustainable alternatives for our customers and demonstrate our commitment to the planet.

FSC® certified products available on request.

If you are looking to make your print marketing and your business more sustainable, talk to us today.

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