Posters by Visual Print & Design

Initially they might appear simple, but there’s more that goes into a poster than at first glance. There are other options than you might think: size, stock and finishes. We can help you through them to print an unforgettable poster.

Below are some examples of poster designs that we've produced over the years. We've worked closely with the City of Lincoln council for quite some time and we've collaborated with a variety of different departments that request different media. Whether you want to push sales or promote an event, Visual Print & Design can help you create the freshest poster to aid your goals.

We've not only worked with the council but with the local university – Lincoln University has frequently asked us to help print and design artwork to help engage students with whatever is going on. Here we were asked to put together a large format poster to inform students that their local library serves a particular coffee brand. Coated paper always brings out the sheen in pictures so the final result looked very fresh.

We've got another example from Crossplay Music, we assisted their team to generate a sleek poster design to notify the audience of their essential selling points – keeping in brand was key to this project. The strong Pantone blue title acts as a focal point which then leads the viewer carefully down the page. Hierarchy is essential to a fantastic poster, Visual Print & Design know all the details to make your print stand out from the crowd.

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