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2024 graphic design trends

In a time where AI can create diverse artwork and photoshop images based on minimal input, graphic designers and artists must stay ahead of the curve by embracing emerging trends within the dynamic and constantly evolving industry.

With that in mind, here are some graphic design trends we expect to see in 2024.

‘Less is more’ is no longer

Although minimalistic designs are still trendy, we expect a shift towards composition-heavy designs. Images that can tell more than one story with plenty of colour and detail captivate the audience’s attention. This can work great for marketing as it gives the audience more to focus on and scan through whilst increasing the likeliness of them remembering the brand or campaign.

Bright colours

Vibrant colours have been a trend for many years and, due to Barbie’s influence, they are likely to become even more popular in 2024. Playful shapes and hues inspired by Barbie’s style will be seen across various design mediums.

Using bold and vibrant colours in graphic design extends beyond aesthetics; it is a strategic choice in marketing. Vivid colours grab the attention of the audience quickly as the human brain is naturally attuned to notice and respond to bright and colourful stimuli, ensuring designs make a powerful and lasting impact.

Back to the future

Pixel art, a design style from the early days of digital graphics, continues to find appreciation in 2024 for its nostalgic charm. With its blocky and pixelated look, it stands out in a world filled with high-resolution images by blending retro and modern design styles.

Pixelated visuals in the creative world are nothing new. Still, this style has evolved with pixelated typography, backgrounds, and halftone images – giving a new twist to the classic, old-school feel.

Referencing nature

Growing interest in nature, eco-friendly products, and processes has been ongoing for years. Now, this focus is extending into design by incorporating natural colours, materials, and an organic feel into designs. Additionally, designers can expand on the natural vibe by exploring diverse textures, shapes, and handmade styles for a more authentic look and feel.

Breaking the rules of colour

Gradients are taking on a more abstract, fascinating, and artistic vibe by bending the rules of colour. Unusual colour combinations are being used to create surreal, unfamiliar, and distinctive designs; sending a message that brands adopting this trend are “unique, standing out from the crowd.”

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