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5 essential print marketing materials that every small retailer needs

Does print still have a place in retail?

Well if you want to influence a customer’s buying behaviour and have the opportunity to up-sell, the simple answer is yes.

Printed visual communications within a store can help retailers to build connections with consumers and even increase the basket value – it has the power to create a deep connection than digital collateral. What’s more, people can take in more information more easily with printed material and creating a positive response.

Through sales promotions, product launches and brand building, your printed material has the power to build your business and your sales. That’s why we’ve put together our top five essential print marketing materials that every small retailer should be utilising:

1. Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are a great way for encouraging your customers to treat their friends and family whilst spreading the word about your business and helping to boost sales. Not only it is a fantastic way to generate extra custom, but it is a fantastic way to grow your brand presence.

2. Leaflets

Whether you’re giving them out within your shops or as part of a mail drop, leaflets are a great way to promote new sale promotions as well as new products in-store. They are also a cost-effective way to keep your brand top of mind.  

3. Hanging Banners

A perfect choice for retailers who are looking to make the most of the advertising space available to them in-store. As they hung above the eye line, they take up no floor space and can draw attention to your key messages or sale promotions.

4. Shelf Wobblers

Shelf wobblers are a truly cost-effective and visual marketing tactic. You simply need to hang them from your shelf and as they wobble, they’ll catch the eye of shoppers and draw them straight to your products.

5. Posters

Whether they are hung on the wall or placed in shop windows, due to their large size, posters have the power to grab people’s attention and keep their attention. Perfect for sale promotions, product launches or even to educate shoppers.

Whatever you sell from in-store or online, we can help you make the most out of print and help bring your brand to life. 

To learn more about adding print to your marketing efforts and increasing its impact, speak to the Visual Print and Design team today.

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