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5 ways to make a difference this World Environment Day

5 ways to make a difference this World Environment Day

On the 5th of June, millions of people around the world will be campaigning to #BeatPlasticPollution.

For 2023, World Environment Day is wanting to remind people that plastic pollution matters and calls for global solutions to tackle it.

Over the last 70 years, plastic - being a versatile and durable material - has provided important benefits including life-saving medical devices and long-life food storage. However, single-use package and disposable items and our dependency on them have meant throw-away plastic has increased dramatically over the years and have been polluting the planet. Lakes, rivers and seas have become overwhelmed with plastic, accounting for 85% of marine waste.

Shocking figures from the UN Environment Programme state that unless something is done, between 23 and 37 million metric tons of plastic will flow into the oceans every year by 2040.

Humans are also at risk from marine plastic pollution with evidence showing that people are inhaling microplastics. The full extent of the impact on human health is still unknown but there is evidence that plastics-associated chemicals are linked to health concerns.

As well as this, plastics are also a climate problem as it produced using fossil fuels and creates greenhouse gas emissions across their whole lifecycle.

So how can we #BeatPlasticPollution?

Continuing how we are is not an option. Governments and businesses across the world need to urgently take action to make long-term reductions in plastic waste.

And creating a circular economy is going to be key.

From a business level, there is a lot we can do to help reduce our plastic waste and those of our customers. This includes:

1. Promoting more sustainable consumption and production practices

This could mean reducing the plastic used within packaging by replacing it with sustainable and biodegradable alternatives. As well as, from a marketing perspective, you can consider investing in merchandise products that are not made from plastic or if they are made from plastic, they have been re-purposed to increase their lifecycle.

2. Engage consumers in addressing plastic pollution and inspire behavioural change

You must encourage your customers as well as educate them about their role in reducing plastic pollution through marketing communication.

3. Phasing out unnecessary, avoidable, and most problematic plastic items

If you are using plastic within your supply chain, is there any way you can reduce its use or even remove it entirely? There are such a variety of sustainable material alternatives available that

4. Improve waste management systems to encourage a circular economy

Are there any local schemes or even schemes you can develop as an organisation that will allow any plastic you use within your supply chain to be re-purposed?

5. Improve and strengthen governance at all levels

Talk to your MP and local councillors to see how they can help reduce your plastic pollution as an organisation and work together to improve waste management on a local level.

Our planet is choking on plastic. It’s time for change and together, we can really make a difference.

To learn more about this World Environment Day, click here: https://www.worldenvironmentday.global/

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