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A complete guide to business cards

Business cards are an essential marketing element that tell a lot about your business, and yourself. It’s not only the design that can make your business card stand out, the print and finish options are also key features. The tricky part is making your card stand out from the pile of cards already on everyone’s desk! From experience, the more creative the cards the better.

Standard Matt Lamination – The most popular form of business card. They are simple to produce and therefore have a quick turnaround time. The paper stock used is normally 350gsm silk, with a matt lamination to both sides. The result, a sturdy, professional looking business card with strong colours and a protective coating.

Uncoated Stock Depending on your business, uncoated stock may be the choice for you. This stock has a rougher and more tactile feel to it. Uncoated stock isn’t laminated and can sometimes feel slightly thinner than standard business cards. This is also a great option for loyalty/appointment cards as uncoated stock can be easily wrote on.

Rounded CornersTired of the same square edges? Go for something with more character! Rounded corners on business cards are a simple way to make your cards stand out.

Spot UVNow to discuss finishes! Spot UV is a popular choice to add that extra edge to standard matt lamination business cards. It works best over coloured logos and font. Best to avoid using it over just white as it doesn’t stand out as great. You could get really adventurous and use over a pattern to compliment the whole effect.

FoilingWe are getting to the good stuff now, how about adding a bit of luxury foiling to your business cards? It compliments uncoated stock really well. Foiling can be produced in standard silver, gold and array of different colours.

Mini – Not all cards are created equal. You can choose to be different by steering away from the generic 85mm x 55mm size and opt for something a bit smaller, or even square!

QuadplexNow we’re talking! The thickest of the cards – the ever so fancy quadplex. Often compared to a doorstop when we hand them out, they really get people talking! It involves bonding together 4 pieces of card. Why not go the whole hog and put a cherry on top by using specialist paper like Fedregoni?

Something completely out thereIf the paper isn’t getting you excited, why not think outside the box and go for something completely different. Plastic cards work well depending on your company colours – the deeper the better. Metal business cards are great and can be tailored specifically to a business that uses metal. What about a bottle opener business card? There are so many possibilities!

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