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Don’t make this mistake with your 2020 Calendar

Last month the UK government announced that May bank holiday in 2020, which was set for Monday the 4th May, would be switched to Friday the 8th May to mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day.

This is only the second time that the Early May bank holiday has been moved – in 1995, the UK government did the same to mark the 50th anniversary of VE Day.

While it is important to commemorate the day, the switch of the bank holiday date with only 11 months to go has cost one calendar maker over £200,000. This is because 400,000 calendars that have already been printed now require to have their May 2020 pages replaced.

The British Printing Industry Federation has said while they welcome the remembrance of VE day, they believe the government should have consulted with groups that would be affected by the change and should have given more than 11 months’ notice.

Are you currently designing your 2020 corporate calendar?

While branded calendars are a great way to advertise your business (as they’ll remind customers of your organisation all year round), it is important that you include the ‘correct’ bank holiday date for May 2020 as you could risk impacting your brand reputation if there are errors.

From our experience of designing and printing bespoke corporate calendars, it also pays to include the following in your branded calendar to maximise its impact as a cost-effective marketing tool:

  • Important dates for your business – this could be events you organise for customers during the year, seasonal sale promotions and ‘fun’ national holidays that are related to your business.

  • Photos that reflect the brand culture – one idea could be staging photos for particular months (I’m sure your team would love the idea of dressing up in Christmas jumpers in July!)

  • A spotlight of different products and services – if you have product/services that are normally ordered or used during a particular month, it could be beneficial to advertise them within the calendar.

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