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How do you design a memorable business card?

Even in a digital world, business cards are still considered an effective marketing tool, but how do you make yours stand out from the rest?

Your business card could be the first impression of your brand for many potential clients or customers so it is vital you get the design right first time.

From both a design and print perspective, there are several key things you need to consider when you create a memorable business card:

The space available

The first thing you do when you receive a business card? You turn it over of course.

This is why it is important to utilise both side of the business card so you can showcase your brand and your benefits.

When deciding what to have on your business card, you need to decide where you would like your logo and we recommended dedicating one side of your card solely to your logo and put your logo in a prominent place that will catch the eye of potential clients.

What paper stock to use

There is nothing worse (well in our opinion!) than receiving business card that is flimsy or feels cheap. A high-quality paper can change the entire feel and look of a business card as well as the perception of your company.

From silk and uncoated to kraft for a rustic feel, there are various paper stock you can use but we recommend choosing at least 400gsm to ensure it built to withstand everyday wear-and-tear.

The shape and size

Most people prefer to stick to the standard business card size of 85 x 55mm but there are several alternatives including square, folded and even hexagon shaped if you’re looking for something quirkier. Having a distinct looking business card is a sure way to keep your brand top of mind.

What content to include

Any content you print onto a business card needs to big enough to read (standard 10-16pts) and should include your name and profession/job title. For any vital important information, we recommend having the typeface slightly bigger to stand out and draw attention.

Other content you should include on a business card include:

  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Business address
  • Website address
  • Social media icons

The perfect finish

Subtle finishes can elevate your business card and are an effective way of drawing attention whilst still looking professional. There are several finishes which can enhance your brand; gloss, metallic foil, spot gloss, spot UV, 3D spot UV or hologram but remember less is more.

Thanks to our in-house print facilities and a network of trusted suppliers, we can help you and your business stand out for all the right reasons with our high-quality print solutions and creative graphic design services.

Our team are here to help with all your printing needs. Give us a call on 01522 300222 or send us an email to discuss your requirements – we’ll be happy to help.

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