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How emotions play an important role in graphic design

Why are emotions so crucial in design?

Because believe it or not, great graphic design can trigger specific emotions.

Emotions can influence decision-making, create attention, help you relive memories and generate meaning.

It can be such a powerful tool for any brand or campaign wishing to widen their customer base as well as create awareness about their business.

The most successful print and digital campaigns can carefully capture and express specific feelings. Many sports companies, for example, emphasise excitement, drama, and determination, whereas banks emphasise optimism, friendliness, approachability, and confidence.

These responses establish an emotional connection between the customer and the company, resulting in long-term commitment and sales.

Here are 3 ways you can integrate emotions into your designs:

Use specific colours

Colours can elicit emotional responses in humans. Using specific colours for specific reasons can have an impact on how people feel about a product or business. Green, for example, is often associated with health and environmental awareness, whereas red may elicit feelings such as enthusiasm, joy and passion.

Tell a story through visuals

Storytelling through design is a great method of relating to your audience. Stories can create and develop a connection with your customers - whether through loss, anger, passion, or enthusiasm. This relatability can make the customer feel as if your company is speaking directly to them and trigger a reaction.

Be inspirational

For good (and bad), throughout history, we have seen how visual marketing has the power to inspire people to take action. When done correctly and with meaning, it can highlight successes, persuade people and even change opinions.

So why should we get ‘emotional’?

Because understanding your target market and incorporating emotions into your marketing is going to:

  • Persuade people to buy certain products/services
  • Engage with your brand
  • Increase their loyalty

And ultimately, build that bond and trust between your company and your customers.

At Visual Print and Design, we understand the importance of great design and how it plays a key role in a brand’s success. That’s why we work with brands all across the UK combining strategy with creativity to invoke a reaction through print and digital mediums.

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