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How print marketing can help you bounce back after COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has posed challenges for businesses all across the UK but as many of us move from ‘crisis mode’ to ‘build and recovery’, you might be thinking…’what happens next?’

As we begin helping our customers deal with the ‘new normal’, from a marketing perspective it’s never been so important for your marketing communications to be data-driven, relevant and engaging. You need to deliver messages and benefits that resonate with individuals and their unique needs.

While digital marketing is an important component of your marketing strategy, if you want to build trust with your customers and cut through ‘online fatigue’, it never been so important to utilise the power of print marketing.

Here’s why:

  • It’s credible

Studies have shown that print is considered the most trustworthy amongst other avenues of marketing. It can help you strengthen your brand and message and create meaningful relationships with customers.

  • It’s direct

Print allows to be in front of people at the right time, especially if you’re using direct mail campaigns. When managed correctly and utilising data effectively, printed direct mail such as leaflets and magazines can help you achieve a great return on your marketing investment. They can also be personalised to help you engage your customers/prospects, build trust and generate enquiries.

  • It’s memorable

People are more likely to spend longer looking at a printed product than a digital version. Print has the power to be more engaging than its online counterpart and is able to help you grow your brand recognition.

  • It’s tangible

The tangibility of print is what sets it apart from other advertising avenues. It stimulates senses which is why people engage with luxurious finishes and hold onto printed products for a long time and digest them – if you’re looking for an effective way to convey your brand message, print marketing is the way to go.

We would be delighted to advise you on how you can make the most your marketing budget, and how to use print marketing to help you bounce back in a post COVID19 world. We have decades of experience under our belt when it comes to print – get in touch today.

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