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How to choose the right paper stock for your next project

It’s fair to say that we love paper.

(Well, we would say that as a print company!)

We know it can be a minefield when you’re deciding what paper stock to use for your next print project.

There are such a variety of stock options out there - how do you decide which one is going to make your design ‘pop’? Which is going to communicate your message effectively? And which stock is going to be in line with your brand’s identity?

With that in mind, we’ve summarised below our most commonly used paper stock and how they are typically used:


Silk paper is somewhere between a gloss and matt finish with a slight sheen without the mirror-like shine. It is great if you want an excellent ink to paper contrast and for defining details as the ink stays on top of the paper. This is one of the most popular and affordable paper stocks that is normally used for leaflets and brochures. However, we don’t recommend using this stock if you need to write on it.


As it states in its name, uncoated has no additional coating, which means it absorbs ink. It is not as smooth as coated paper, but it can easily be written on and offers a more elegant, natural and classy look and feel. It is perfect for more premium brochures and stationery such as letterheads and compliment slips.


Gloss is a shiny coating that reflects light and has a high surface sheen and smooth finish. This stock is often used for magazine and brochure covers as it allows colours to be more vibrant. It is also a more affordable option for adding a luxurious finish without opting for a lamination finish.

Go green

We understand that more companies want to reduce their environmental impact. This can easily be done by changing the paper you use for your marketing material. Thankfully, most paper stock options are either sourced sustainably or are made from recyclable materials – we recommend asking your printer how they source their paper!

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