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How to make your marketing more eco-friendly

It’s not easy being green…or is it?

With people concerned about environmental issues more now than ever, it is fair to say that the green movement is here to stay, but how do you go about making your marketing more sustainable?

You may be thinking “well, I’ll just stop producing printed materials”.

However, print marketing is not going away. It remains an incredible way to stand out from their competitors and attract audiences - more young people trust it over digital forms of advertising and direct mail garners a 37% higher response rate than email.

“But what about the environment? Can you make print marketing green?”

The simple answer is yes.

Just like other marketing tactics, print has been constantly evolving and now there are lots of eco-friendly options.

So, if you want to make your marketing more sustainable, continue reading…

Invest in sustainable materials

Eco-friendly paper is a greener version of the traditional type of paper with a smaller carbon footprint and overall environmental impact. There are different ways your paper stock can be classified as ‘eco-friendly’, with the main two being sourced sustainably or made from recycled materials.

But what about the quality? The great news is that the quality of paper is not lost and you most likely would not be able to tell the difference to traditional paper materials:

  • Sustainable paper stock

Sustainable paper is harvested in an environmentally, social and economic responsible way - this paper stock is inspected and tracked from the source and throughout the production chains to ensure forests are sustainably managed.

  • Recycled paper stock

Recycled paper is made from post-consumer waste which is processed fibres, meaning lower energy and less pollution. This type of paper stock helps to reduce the global demand for wood, reduces deforestation and prevents wild forests from being used.

Vegetable-based inks

Traditionally oil or petroleum-based inks were used for printing onto paper, but it is now more common for vegetable-based ink to be used due to it being considered eco-friendlier. They are also less harmful and renewable compared to non-renewable oil and petroleum.

You may be thinking, but is the quality still the same? The answer is YES. Vegetable ink offers the same vibrant, deep, vivid, bright and glossy colour which is found in petroleum ink.

Eco-friendly merchandise

Investing in eco-friendly merchandise alternatives is a must, especially as there are so many different options available. Promotional merchandise helps to amplify your message and your brand but now you can do it in an environmentally savvy way with products such as:

  • Wheat straw mugs
  • Cotton tote bags
  • Corn plastic pens
  • Recycled notebooks
  • Bamboo wireless charger
  • Recycled umbrellas

Want more information on how we can help you save money and the environment? At Visual Print and Design, we can offer a range of eco-friendly alternatives for any of your marketing collateral.

Simply give us a call on 01522 300222 or drop us an email and we’ll help you make your marketing green.

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