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How to minimise the environmental impact of large format printing

How to minimise the environmental impact of large format printing

Sustainability is (or should be!) a top priority for businesses.

Especially with emissions of carbon dioxide at record-high levels in 2022.

We know that more needs to be done and as we work towards – as individuals and businesses - becoming carbon zero by 2050, we are also fast becoming aware that we also need to reduce the environmental impact of our marketing.

And that includes large-format print.

Thankfully more and more printing materials and methods are being developed to make it much easier for businesses to use environmentally friendly printed graphics.

Latex inks

Made up of 70% water, this ink is a greener option compared to traditional solvent-based ink. This is because it sits on top of the material, rather than penetrating it, making it better for recycling. It is also completely biodegradable.

As well as this, latex ink doesn’t emit hazardous HAPS (Hazardous Air Pollutants) or VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) which are gases and odours that can be harmful to the environment.


This is the material that gets printed on for a large format project. Traditionally roller banners and outdoor banners are printed on PVC-based products which is problematic due to the disposal of this material can cause toxic and non-biodegradable to enter the environment.

However, thankfully PVC-free materials are becoming more popular as they are 100% recyclable and offer the same strength and performance as traditional PVC material.

By using PVC-free banner material, you can be rest assured that your display banners aren’t harming the planet but are still promoting your business effectively.

So how can businesses make their large-format graphic more sustainable?

Being environmentally sustainable is not just a trend anymore. To be frank, it should be a company’s default approach to operating.

That’s why by working with a print company – like Visual Print and Design – who are adopting sustainable approaches and investing in alternative materials, businesses can easily reduce the environmental impact of their marketing whilst ensuring it is still impactful.

To discover how we taking our wider impact on the environment seriously and helping our customer reduce their carbon footprint, head over to our Eco-Friendly Printing Services page.

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