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How to use promotional merchandise to grow your business

Still do not believe promotional merchandise works?

Then we are about to change your mind!

Promotional items are considered a more authentic and organic way of marketing your brand than many other forms of advertising. That is because they are great for:

  • Rewarding your best customers
  • Converting prospects and leads
  • Engaging with your employees

…and evidently, growing your business.

An effective marketing tool for both small and large businesses, whatever your budget, you are sure to find various items to suit your brand.

Invest in quality

If you think promotional merchandise are tacky and unnecessary, you may not be investing in the right products. Low-quality promo items are more likely to end up in the bin and might not do the job they are designed to do.

Investing in high-quality products that people would want to keep and use lengthens the life span, thus keeping your brand at the top of people’s minds. You also need to invest in quality because if an item is cheap or faulty, it could reflect badly on your company.

Get personal

Promotional merchandise is a great marketing technique, but even better when they are personalised. Some items such as notebooks and drinkware can be personalised with individual names alongside your logo to really wow your clients and prospects.

A longer life-span

A social media post might be seen by someone for a matter of seconds but branded merchandise can be seen every single day. The longer your promotional products are kept, the increased chance of others seeing your brand name.

That is why handing our promotional items at events, open days and conferences is a great way to keep your brand visibility high - people take these items home and potentially use them every single day.

Examples of long-term promotional items include:

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