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In-house commercial printers vs. print management: who should you use?

Almost all businesses print.

From business cards and corporate stationery to large format and promotional merchandise, print materials are a necessary part of everyday business operations as well as for marketing activity.

That is why it is important to find a print company that can help you streamline the printing process, save you money and help you achieve results.

But do you use a commercial printer? Or a print management company?

In-House Commercial Printers

All commercial printers are different. They have different machinery, capabilities and specialisms to provide a wide selection of printed materials and products.

Typically, they will fulfil the print orders themselves, using their own machines and processes, though they may work with print finishing companies to complete projects. The benefit of using a commercial printer with in-house facilities is that they can ensure quality throughout the process of the print job.

Print Management Companies

Print management is the process of outsourcing print work, usually for specialist printing and large orders. With extensive knowledge of the print industry, print management providers can obtain the best possible prices and access new and innovative solutions. They will evaluate your needs and then contact their database of suppliers to provide you with the most suitable option at the best price.

What is the difference between them?

A print management company will be able to offer a range of services, from printed marketing material and direct mail to promotional merchandise and exhibition services. Whereas an in-house print company will have a limited range of services and will likely focus on a specialism. This does mean that they can offer quick turnaround times as they are not restricted by their suppliers.

A print management company will also likely have a team of in-house designers to assist you with the creation of your artwork while an in-house print company might only work with artwork that is ‘print-ready’.

Who should you pick?

If you require a wide range of print services for a marketing campaign or project, a print management company would be your option. They would be able to source a range of products for the best possible price and manage the project from start to finish.

However, if you need quicker turnarounds and low quantities, an in-house printing company might be your best call.

Alternatively, choose a company that does both!

For over ten years, we have been designing and producing exceptional print for businesses across the UK. Independently owned, we offer a complete print solution, from initial concept through to fulfilment and distribution.

We have various print facilities in-house including a digital printer, booklet maker, large format printer and flatbed promotional merchandise printer.

AND we work with over 200 different suppliers from across the UK and Europe to fulfil large-scale print orders and unique projects.

Let’s talk print and design…

Need help and advice with your next print and design project? Get in touch via email or call us on 01522 300222 to arrange a meeting with one of our print experts – we have years of experience in helping businesses of all sizes grow through print marketing and would love to help you too.

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