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New year, new brand? Four signs you need a rebrand

25 November 2021

It is not long now until we start singing ‘Auld Lang Syne’ and say a big hello and welcome to 2022.

The last two years have been, well… interesting to say the least, but with the economy slowly bouncing back and the emergence of more start-ups than ever before, it is clear that businesses certainly need to do more to stand out in a growing, competitive market.

As a creative company, we know that a rebrand is a key part of the natural cycle of any brand and over the last 10 years have worked closely with various companies who have made that leap.

But how do you know it’s time for a rebrand?

Here are some clear signs:

It doesn’t reflect your vision, product or service(s) anymore.

Customers often align themselves and purchase from a brand whose values match their own. That is why your brand should reflect the evolution of the products or services you offer. If they don’t anymore, a rebrand should be on the cards.

You look just like your competitors.

Do you feel like you’re struggling to stay ahead or stand out from your competitors?

Rebranding can be an effective way to identify your key differentiators from competitors. It highlights to potential customers why you are different, what is unique about your business and the benefits of using your products or service. In short, going through an effective rebrand can ensure you gain a tangible advantage over your competitors.

You want to connect with a new audience.

If you are trying to expand into a new market or get the attention of an emerging market, it’s possibly time for a rebrand. A rebrand can help enhance your brand identity and appeal to both an untapped audience and existing customers. As a business, you need to ensure your brand remains relevant to emerging demographics or you could get left behind.

You want to increase revenue.

Ensuring your new brand reflects your vision, helps you stand out from competitors and reach new audiences is a sure way to drive new business opportunities and increase revenue. Your rebrand is an investment that is going to grow your business and increase profits.

Are you looking to transform your business in 2022?

At Visual Print and Design, we work with organisations across the UK to develop brands. Whether you are a start-up wanting to create an identity that speaks effectively to your target market or an established brand that needs to enhance and improve your brand strategy, we can help you achieve your goals.

Drop us an email or call us on 01522 300222 to discuss your requirements.

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