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Offline marketing ideas that inspire buyer behaviour

What is offline marketing and why is it important?

Do you regularly ask yourself: “How can I increase customer acquisition? Or how I can get a better ROI from my marketing activity?”

If so, it might be time to rethink the tactics you are using to target prospects, especially if all your budget goes on digital marketing.

That is because research shows that traditional ads, especially those printed like flyers, brochures, and posters, are more likely to be remembered by consumers than online adverts and can achieve a better ROI.

Yet some companies still rely only on the use of digital marketing.

Traditional marketing (or offline marketing) allows you to establish yourself as an authentic brand. When used strategically, it can reach the right people and get noticed… and won’t get unnoticed among millions of posts online.

Not only that, when it is used in conjunction with digital tactics, traditional marketing can drive a lot of company growth… and who doesn’t want that?

But we know that coming up with fresh ideas to market your brand can be hard, especially with so many different ways of approaching it.

So, how can you master offline marketing?

Get it right, first time

If you are regularly meeting prospects or customers, then you will need business cards.

Business cards are an extension of your company, so you must pick a distinctive design that showcases your benefits and core values.

Make sure you include personal contact details such as name, title, email, website, address and phone number – it is likely this will be the first thing a prospect receives from you so make sure it stands out!

Let’s get physical

Providing your customers with marketing collateral is a sure way to help them remember your company and communicate exactly what you do – it is also a great way to provide a personal touch.

Flyers and brochures for instance are a fantastic way to communicate your brand’s message. They are affordable, excellent for last-minute events and can be turned around quickly.

As well as this, promotional merchandise such as tote bags and bottles work effectively in increasing customer retention and brand loyalty, especially if they are given as a freebie or to reward repeat orders.

Face-to-face is best

Over the last couple of years, we have had to take a lot of meetings online (thanks covid!), but with events now back in full swing, those companies that are growing and expanding are the ones utilising the power of events.

By exhibiting, sponsoring or hosting events, you have the chance to showcase your brand and the benefits of your products/services to prospective customers, ask for feedback, and gain valuable information on how you can better serve them.

You can even use these events to sell your products/services and spread the word about your brand to a highly targeted market.

In conclusion, physical and tangible marketing tactics still hold an important role in customer acquisition. Taking advantage of these methods can be the difference between a could-be customer and a lifelong one.

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