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Our top 10 promotional products for charities

28 May 2020

When your whole business relies on receiving donations, brand awareness needs to be kept at an all-time high. That’s why promotional products are a great marketing tool to help charities raise their profiles and keep them in the mind of their regular donators and potential new supporters.

For charities, branded merchandise can be used to raise money and generate exposure by:

  • Selling them to supporters
  • Rewarding people for donating
  • Giving them away in social media or event competitions
  • Rewarding volunteers and employees

As budgets are so important and normally stretched for charities, we’ve put together our favourite promotional items that are loved by charities, can help build brand awareness and don’t cost a fortune.

1. Trolley Coins

Not only are they are a useful product that will be used over and over again, but they’ll also be kept on people’s keyrings for great exposure. Request a sample of our most popular trolley coin.

2. Pin Badges

Pin badges are considered one of the most cost-effective ways to generate awareness for your charity and the great work you do. They can also be sold to help generate income. View our charity badges here.

3. Wristbands

Available in a variety of colours, our wristbands ensure maximum exposure for your cause and firmly puts your charity logo in front of people. Our most popular wristband can be printed or debossed.

4. Tote Bags

Do your bit of the environment by encouraging your donators to use ‘bags for life’ and generate brand awareness. Check out our range of tote shopper bags here.

5. Reusable Travel Mugs

For maximum impact on the go, travel mugs are the perfect way to help generate income for your charity. They are also a great way to encourage people to reduce their carbon footprint. View our range of travel mugs here.

6. Phone Stands

Your customers and supporters will love the practicality of a promotional mobile phone stand. Available in a range of colours and styles, our phone stands are desktop advertising winners – hand them out at fundraising events or sell them in your shops for maximum brand exposure.

7. Coasters

Our various personalised coasters are perfect for any desk or table and can be used to help raise money for your charity. One charity customer of ours has even had local artists create the artwork for them for maximum exposure. Circle, square or custom shaped, our selection of coasters
are a sure way to brighten up the desks of your supporters.

8. Sports Bottles

Having your logo printed onto sports bottles is a great way to promote your cause, especially if you’re hosting fundraising sports events. Check out our various sports bottles available.

9. Umbrellas

In the UK, an umbrella is definitely an essential item and they are a useful promotional product to guarantee exposure. Our range of umbrellas can be customised to include your logo and company colours, and are a great gift to award your lucrative donators.

10. Teddy Bears

Promotional teddy bears are a fun and friendly way to raise money for your charity or to give away at your next fundraising event. They are certainly a family favourite that appeals to people of all ages.

These are just a few of our promotional items that are loved by our not-for-profit clients. Make sure to browse our shop for inspiration or give us a call
if you need some help or advice.

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