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Our top 8 printed items for estate agents

Being a successful estate agent means ensuring your customers and their properties stand out. But how do you get those customers to begin with?

We know that Rightmove and Zoopla have moved a lot of property selling onto the internet but with so much noise online, estate agents have the power to make a more lasting impression through effective print marketing - it can make a huge impact in getting your brand noticed and remembered in such a competitive field.

So if you want to build your brand awareness, bring in more customers, and ultimately sell more houses, here are 8 essential print items needed by all estate agents:

Sale boards

Sale boards are a must for any estate agent.

Despite the broad variety of marketing materials that are available on the market, no estate agent can go wrong with a straightforward property board!

Not only do they draw in buyers for the property you’re selling but they will advertise your services – someone who might be considering selling their home will look in favour to a board that quickly turns from ‘FOR SALE’ to ‘SOLD’.

Outdoor signage

Don’t just stop at sale boards… there are even more effective ways you can boost the exposure of your business outside.

For example, flags and fence banners can be very impactful in grabbing a passerby’s attention and increasing interest.

Business cards

Having a professional business card is essential for keeping in touch and making a fantastic first impression with buyers and sellers.

Before you begin designing your cards though, there are a few errors to avoid, such as using typical estate agent stock photos or having too much clutter.

Instead, keep it straightforward and clear whilst perhaps using high-quality, textured cards (to make you stand out!). This will solidify your brand image and show prospective customers you mean business.

Window graphics

Window displays are renowned for drawing attention from onlookers - you can’t help but pause as you pass an estate agent to look at the newest listings for sale!

By integrating this with your window listings, you can boost sales and draw more customers into your premises. Just make sure it is creative and on-brand!

Mail drop leaflets

For estate agencies, flyers and leaflets through the post remain one of the best ways to reach your target market. Estate agents have used them for many years to promote houses for sale as they give potential buyers something physical to interact with.

Sales brochures

Brochures outlining your services and benefits are a good sales tool if you want to convince customers to purchase from you. Unlike digital, print encourages users to read and interact with it. That is because nothing beats the tactile effect of paper.

Corporate stationery

Branded stationery is an excellent way to strengthen your brand identity whilst maintaining consistency in your brand.

For example, letterheads let customers know that this message is coming from your company directly and demonstrates your attention to small detail. As well as this, it ensures repeated exposure of your brand to customers and prospects.

Direct mail campaigns

Did you know that according to a recent study, direct mail campaigns result in five times more purchases than email advertising? Through this method, estate agents can save costs, measure their ROI and target their prospects effectively.

Make sure your message and designs are on brand and speak effectively to your target customers for maximum impact.

The potential for print is endless…

At Visual Print and Design, we work with a diverse range of local and national estate agent customers. If you would like to know how we can help create a more personal experience for your customers through print and design, get in touch today.

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