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Our top creative ideas for marketing outdoors

The sun is out and so should your marketing!

Utilising outdoor marketing tactics is a solid way to grab the attention of your target market.

Not only can it be cheaper than other methods such as online pay-per-click ads and tv adverts, but it can also be seen as less invasive and have a far greater potential of reaching the right people when done strategically.

It’s time to get creative with your marketing:

Oh, I do like to be by the seaside

They are more than just a way to sunbathe and relax - branded deck chairs are a great marketing technique as they can spread awareness of your brand and work well when used in conjunction with an event.

They can even be giant size

Just imagine the impact it will have when customers take photos of themselves sat in your branded deckchair and post their picture online – it’s free advertising!

The canvas of the chair can be fully branded with your logo and brand colours and are interchangeable so you can alter the message for different occasions.

Fly high with flags

Want to elevate your marketing?

No really, flags can physically elevate your brand!

They are a great outdoor marketing technique to ensure your logo and message are seen from up high. They are also cost-effective if you’re on a budget. Flags come in all different shapes and sizes and are perfect for events, placing outside your shop or using at outdoor trade shows:

  • Teardrop flags
  • Beach flags
  • Telescopic flags
  • Street banner flags
  • PVC banner flag

Browse our different flag options available.

Be different, be unique

Signage is great for promoting providing information about your company but why keep it be simple?

Signage and displays can be manufactured using a variety of materials such as foamex, correx and aluminium to withstand different weather conditions. This also means you can now be very creative by getting them die-cut in unique shapes and designs to convey different messages.

Make your marketing stick… literally!

Fun, effective and affordable – those are just three reasons why we love printed stickers.

They can be stuck on any surface; floor, windows, doors or walls, and if you’re on a budget, they are low cost and long-lasting.

For example, floor stickers are great for enticing potential customers off in the street and can be used to guide people around your store.

Are you looking to stand out from the crowd and grab people’s attention? 

Get in touch via email or call us on 01522 300222 to discuss your requirements – we have years of experience in helping businesses of all sizes stand out and be creative!

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