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Promotional merchandise trends we can expect to see in 2023

With a new year brings a new selection of promotional merchandise that are sure to be popular with marketers and customers alike.

It also brings a fresh selection of challenges for businesses, making 2023 the year where bridging the gap between you and your audience is more important than ever. With digital avenues becoming saturated, we can already see that promotional merchandise will likely be the smartest way to connect and engage with your customers over the next 12 months and beyond.

However, with so many branded merchandise options out there, it has been difficult to know how to make the most of your budget.

Thankfully, we have put together a list (we’re kind like that!) with our top promotional product trend picks for 2023:

It has got to be eco-friendly

A trend that is not going to go away is sustainably sourced and eco-friendly promotional products. Your customers are caring about the planet and businesses should be, by default, doing so as well. From rulers made from 100% recycled plastic to organic cotton drawstring backpacks, there is a sustainable or eco-friendly alternative for most standard items.

Make your writing green (not literally!)

Whilst plastic pens are considered ‘cheap’, they also make your marketing look cheap. For around the same cost, you can get environmentally friendly pens that won’t hurt the environment or your wallet!

Made from bamboo, wheat and even denim, have a browse of our eco-friendly writing Instruments.

A sense of well-being

Looking after the well-being of your employees is just as important (and more so!) than the well-being of your business – without a happy workforce and positive culture, you have no business. That is why promotional and branded items that help people with their mental health and overall well-being are going to be popular in 2023.

From branded pamper sets to stress balls, reflection journals and fitness items, there is something for every campaign. Click here to check out our personalised wellbeing products.

Be visible on the go

With many of us working remotely, that means more opportunities for your brand to be seen on the go. Merchandise that can be used over and over again - such as tote bags and drinkware – will certainly get your business noticed.

As well as this, employees will enjoy using items that make their working life easier or more pleasant, such as coffee mugs, water bottles and stationery. Items that make work remotely easier whilst making them feel part of the team are sure to be popular.

All about connectivity

As home and work life collide together, wireless products will be in higher demand than ever before. The remote office has fuelled the need for flexibility in workspaces and an end to cord clutter.

From a wireless charging desk organiser to wireless headphones, these branded items are sure to make your employees happy and leave your customers impressed.

Coffee! Coffee! Coffee!

Ever heard of products made from coffee beans? Well, now you have!

From eco-friendly notebooks to ballpoint pens, coffee is good for more than just waking you up in the morning. And its uniqueness (and their love of it!) is sure to make a mark with customers and prospects.

Make it plant-able

Make this the year of growth with merchandise that can grow.

From our high-quality sprout pencils to seeded paper business cards, these products can be perfect for showing your commitment to the earth as well as improving your brand image.

Discover our seeded promotional items here and help your business thrive.

Keeping up with trends can be a great way to show your customers how forward-thinking you are. But it is important to remember that every industry and customer is different, so be sure you follow the trends that fit in with your values and can target your customers effectively.

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