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The advantages of using personalised direct mail marketing

The advantages of using personalised direct mail marketing

23 January 2023

It is no secret that certain communication tactics that were successful a few years ago will be as effective in present times.

Nowadays, there are more sources of media and more methods of avoiding them. Attention spans are dropping with music streaming listeners not hearing your radio ads, TV adverts being skipped, and people are looking for suppliers on the web (and not in the Yellow Pages!)

But there is one thing that people are still taking notice of and that is mail coming through the post. Despite the digital era, direct mail continues to be a vital marketing tactic for numerous businesses.

That is why if your marketing approach has become stagnant, or you are looking to target your prospects more strategically, personalised direct mail might be the ideal solution for you.

What is personalised direct mail and how does it work?

Personalised direct mail is often used to maximise return on investment. Based on demographic information, buying habits and where they live, this strategy creates tailored communication to grab the attention of customers and prospects.

This approach demonstrates to your customers that you are taking the time to understand them, and they only receive offers and communications that meet their individual needs or buying habits. Due to the sheer amount of spam people receive in their emails daily, the ability to hold a physical item offers much strong brand recognition.

A personalised direct mail campaign goes beyond just knowing your name

Whatever your brand is, understanding your customers is at the very centre of every successful business, whether you sell directly to individuals or other businesses. And ensuring they know this can create a trust (and loyalty) between you and the customer.

Let those creative juices flow…

Now that you know what personalised direct mail is, you are probably wondering how to implement it. Here is some inspiration to get the ball rolling:

Hobbies – Does your brand appeal to people with a particular interest?

Previous purchases – For example, is the customer due for an eye test?

Birthdays and Anniversaries – Send an offer to customers celebrating a special occasion

Relationships – invite customers to purchase items for their significant others

Age – the way you talk to your customers with vary depending on if they are gen z, millennials or boomers.

If you are looking to generate leads, increase retention or start to build a relationship, personalised direct mail can be one amazing and cost-effective way to reach your consumers and get them excited about what you have to offer.

Just remember that mastering direct mail takes time. Once you find what works, make sure to keep testing, measuring and refining.

Let us do the hard work for you.

At Visual Print and Design, we will manage the entire direct mail process on your behalf, which includes:

  • Designing and printing the mailshot or publication
  • Fulfilment by either placing the direct mail in polywrap (we also have a bio-gradable material alternative) with a carrier sheet or putting it in branded envelopes with mailing labels
  • Distributing it via Royal Mail, door to door or straight to your mailing room

Whatever your requirements, we are here to offer advice and provide a full range of direct mail solutions for every type and size of business.

Our team are here to help with all your direct mail print and distribution requirements. Give us a call at 01522 300222 or send us an email to discuss your requirements – we’ll be happy to help.

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