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The Importance of a Well-Designed Logo

The difference between a well-created logo and a poorly designed one can ultimately have a negative impact on your business – remember the new and “improved” 2012 Olympic games logo which failed to convey the dedication of the athletes and more aptly resembled a headache? Your logo is closely associated with your business and might as well be one and the same; its one of the very first things a customer sees. A well-designed logo can immediately put you ahead of the competition in terms of initial attraction and has numerous other advantages including:

Staying Power

The last thing you need when starting up a business is having to redesign your logo because the first one wasn’t well thought out. All this achieves is a complete waste of time, money and resources. If you get your logo right first time then you can concentrate on other valuable aspects of launching, maintaining or making your business successful.

Maintaining Consistency

By creating a strong logo, you will want to show it off anywhere and everywhere in an effort to get your business noticed. Even if you’re slightly unsure about your logo then think again before you plaster it across your website, leaflets, business cards, letterheads, promotional copy and your life, because if you don’t believe in your brand, your customers won’t either.

It Shows Professionalism and Builds Trust

A well designed logo shows the customer that you are a complete professional when it comes to your business. You might offer the best product in your niche but if your logo is below par or poorly-designed, potential customers will assume this is the way you conduct your business in general.

It Reflects your Company, Brand and Values

The perfect logo should instantly reflect your company, brand and values, while attracting the right kind of customer with the images, colours or wording you use. Wacky colours, bold images and exclamation marks would be great for a children’s party entertainer but less appropriate for a mortgage lender. Bear this in mind when you begin your design and this will avoid inevitable confusion for the customer and your company in the long run.

If you are not confident with the design and implementation of your new logo, a professional graphic designer has the tools to take away your ideas and turn them into a killer logo for your business. Visualprint.co.uk offers a comprehensive design service which will allow you to work closely with our in house graphic designer to achieve the best possible result.

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